Breathwork any time, any place. These online sessions give you the chance to practice in your own time. Whether you're looking to wind down, charge up, find focus or go deeper, these sessions have been designed to work in your day-to-day life and help you to move easily between states.


I'll be adding new sessions to the online platform regularly for a low monthly membership or a one-off purchase. Enjoy!

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A 1:1 session with me allows you to fully explore your breathwork practice. We use a variety of techniques, over the course of 1 - 1.5 hours, to maximise the benefits of this work. As you go deeper into your own practice, a 1:1 session provides a safe space to explore the physical, mental and emotional benefits of breathwork. Every session is tailored to the individual, either in person or over Zoom.


As human beings, we have a unique and unhealthy habit of pushing down our true emotions. When we suppress our emotions, this energy gets trapped in our bodies and isn't processed properly, which can turn into physical, mental or emotional pain.


When we go deeper into breathwork and specifically conscious connected breathing, we put ourselves into a self-healing, reset state, where this unprocessed emotional baggage can begin to surface and be processed. Breathwork can be a powerful alternative healing modality to help move through negative thought patterns and emotional blockages.

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A studio or zoom class is an ideal way to experience breathwork and provides you with an introduction to the world of breathwork.


The classes cover simple and accessible techniques to help you shift between states and learn how you can use your breath in day to day life to unlock energy and release your potential.

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Our lives nowadays are increasingly integrated with our work and the concept of work-life balance is at the forefront of our minds.


Breathwork gives you the tools and the power to shift quickly and effectively between states, allowing you to respond to stress better, be more present, enhance your focus, increase your energy levels, switch off at the end of the day and much more.


My workplace breathwork sessions will arm you with the understanding and tools available to understand how you breathe and how you can use this to your advantage, anywhere, anytime.

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If you're interested in a one-to-one session or have any questions about my classes, or breathwork more generally, please book in a free call with me using the button below.

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