What is breathwork?

Uncover the full spectrum of what breathwork has to offer and learn how this simple and accessible tool can help master your body and mind, and ultimately change your life.


I know what you're thinking - "it's just breathing", right?


Right, but it's much more than that.

Through full spectrum breathwork, we can start to uncover and understand the potential of this simple tool to positively impact so many areas of our lives, from your day to day mood, through to athletic performance, and even subconscious patterns and behaviours.

Functional Breathing

You breathe 20,000+ times every day, each of us with our own natural breathing pattern. You can benefit from breathing better, and optimising your natural breathing pattern to support your performance, health and wellbeing.

Nervous System Regulation

The breath gives direct access to the autonomic nervous system. This can be used to shift your physical, mental and emotional state quickly and effectively, through simple changes in the breath. 

Conscious Connected Breathing

Harness the breath at a deeper level to access altered states of consciousness, which when used safely and responsibly, can be a powerful vehicle for transformation, healing and growth.

Nervous System Regulation

We experience our lives through the lens of our nervous system and your breath plays a fundamental role in the functioning of that nervous system.

Therefore, if you can understand your breath, you can completely transform how you experience your life.

For many of us, we live in a chronic state of nervous system dysregulation, which can show up as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression and much more.

Through the breath, we can start to bring a sense of balance and safety back to the nervous system, to help change our physical, mental and emotional state. 

Breathe with me

"What has to be taught first, is the breath" - Confucius

Numinous Breathwork

When it comes to diving deeper into your breathwork practice, through a technique called Conscious Connected Breathing, we have the potential to quite literally 'get out of our heads' and back into our bodies, allowing us to explore what's really going on inside.


The benefits of this kind of breathwork are numerous but I believe that they primarily come from two areas:


Firstly, we are able to access and experience an altered state of consciousness, where our rational mind becomes quieter and our subconscious mind can become more active. The power of altered states lies in their ability to give you an experience of feelings, insights, memories and more that are not accessible during normal waking consciousness. These experiences can be an incredibly powerful way to shift our perspective and reality.

Secondly, Numinous Breathwork can have a profound impact in releasing stored emotional energy and survival stress that is held in the body.


When we suppress or repress emotions, we push this emotional energy and it gets stored and stuck in parts of the body. When these emotions aren't processed, this can cause us mental, emotional and physical pain.


Most of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives and this puts us into a state of over or under activation (fight, flight or freeze), where we can become highly disconnected from what's going on in our bodies and act in a highly reactive way to triggers.


Through breathwork, we are able to release emotional blockages, process trauma, move past negative thinking patterns and behaviours and dig into our baggage!


Breathwork for Exercise & Performance

Simply put, a large number of us do not breathe functionally or optimally for our general health and athletic performance. 80% of us have dysfunctional breathing patterns! Whether you're an elite athlete or a casual runner, improving your breathing is a simple way to improve and optimise your performance. Our athletic performance and all round respiratory health requires us to be efficiently balancing the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and ensuring that oxygen is delivered efficiently to our muscles and organs.


Through breathwork, we can start to optimise how we breathe, access more of our lung capacity and respiratory system and as a result, improve our general wellbeing and physical performance. As well as this, we can use breathwork exercises to get our bodies and minds ready to perform and recover more effectively. With the power of the breath, we can create energy, focus, calm, balance and much more - meaning you can perform at your best more often than ever before!

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